Byrne & Denise Bennett

Roy Mortlock is an exceptional real estate agent. He is professional, ethical, thorough, and accessible. Roy is an aggressive salesman who understands the housing market and its trends. Roy has set himself apart from other real estate agents we have worked with in the past. We used Roy's services several years ago to sell a house. The experience was so positive that we have used him several times since. In fact, we will use no one else. In the midst of a depressed housing market we needed to sell an investment property. We knew odds were very low that the house would sell but because of Roy's committment to us, he spared no expense in advertising, staging and professionally photographing the property. A competing property down the street from the house we were trying to sell was newer, larger, and less expensive than ours. Roy tracked our properties hits on-line and predicted when the house would sell. He was right. Our house sold while the other house, represented by others did not!
Their real estate agency did not sell and eventually foreclosed. We were thrilled that Roy was able to deliver on his promise, as he always does. We feel secure knowing that Roy will be there to assist us with our future real estate needs.

Thinking of a Short Sale

I am writing this letter today to tell anyone that is thinking about doing a short sale how important a great realtor and closer are. Roy Mortlock, our realtor and Pamela McGrath, Roy's closer, have been unbelievable in making this process easy for us during our short sale. From the first time Roy came to our house to put it on the market, he explained the whole process of the short sale, showed me how he does a market analysis to find comparable homes that have sold in the area and gave me some pointers on what to do to the house to make it more appealing to a buyer. He put me at ease with all his knowledge and I felt like we were making the right choice with him as our realtor. We moved shortly after that to Texas and have been doing this sale over the phone and email. Roy did the market analysis and told us what our house would bring in todays market. Like many houses on the market today, it was less than we owed to the mortgage company. We put the house on the market for the price he suggested and just a couple days later, had a full asking price offer. Now I am sure not all houses get an offer this fast but it was nice to know that Roy had done his research, marketed the house to the fullest and priced this house to sell. I then met (over email and phone calls) his closer Pamela McGrath. She answered any questions we had on dealing with the mortgage company. From the get go, she warned us that it isn't a very fast process. So we tried to be as patient as possible. She is a real go getter, she kept us updated on her conversations with the mortgage company and she was contacting them non stop to keep this process moving. Pamela was able to work with the mortgage company and come to an agreement on a selling price for our house. Both Roy and Pamela have been very easy to talk to. They have contacted me before I had to contact them and ask where we are at in the process. They are an unbelievably strong and knowledgeable team. They have made this process so easy and stress free for us. I heard nothing but horror stories from my mom who had just done a short sale in Seattle and friends in Phoenix who had done short sales. Basically it all boiled down to their realty team not being up to date with what the market was doing in their area and not checking comparables. And their closer not being able to come to agreements with the mortgage companies. The most important piece to selling your home, is a great realty team like Roy and Pamela. They do their homework and are diligent in selling your home for as much as possible. You can have the nicest house in the area but if your team doesn't know what they are doing, it wont sell. If you have to do a short sale, get Roy and Pamela to be your realty team. I promise you wont be disappointed.

Chris Legg

Out of State Maren

As a former 3rd generation, Real Estate professional I am acutely aware of what it takes to make a transaction run smoothly where all parties are satisfied with the outcome.
My husband and I were referred to a different agent who worked in a different company. This agent did not stay in touch with us and when we finally traveled over 2500 miles to Spokane to view some of the listings I found online the agent said he couldn't or wouldn't help us. We were on our own and only 6 days to find our retirement home!
I am aware of the upstanding reputation Windermere has on the west coast so we decided to call Windermere to get another agent. Roy Mortlock answered the phone and had we come in to the office that day. He listened to our wants and needs, and he asked all the right questions but most importantly he HEARD our concerns. Roy treated us like family, protecting us and guiding us through every angle of the transaction. With all the real estate law changes we had trouble finding financing and insurance on the mobile home on 5 acres we purchased. Roy found a solution to all the little bumps in the road. He truly worked wonders for us. We were amazed when he told us," I want to be your friend for life so your happiness is very important to me." To this day I have never doubted his sincerity. He truly exemplifies someone who personally becomes involved in your real estate needs.
Even after the transaction Roy was there to answer our questions and address our concerns. He exemplified professionalism on every level. If I have any more Real Estate needs I will call Roy, if I have any friends who need a Realtor I will send them to Roy.
Maren Imhof